General Info
Eligible inmates have the ability to purchase phone time, candy, beverages, snacks, food items, general merchandise, clothing, and personal hygiene items not furnished by the White County Jail during their incarceration each week.

Commissary is ordered every Tuesday before 10pm and is delivered every Thursday, unless unforeseen circumstances prohibit normal jail operations. Funds must be applied by Monday at 3:00 pm in order to be eligible for use that week.
The White County Jail, in partnership with Combined Public Communications & Victus Commissary is pleased to offer the convenience of placing funds on an inmate's commissary account via the internet or lobby kiosk.

To deposit funds:
 - Commissary Funds: (Visa/Mastercard)
 - Phone Funds: (Visa/Mastercard)

The above website also allows family members the ability to email and setup video call visitation. Go to and select link...

Effective March 20, 2011, the White County Jail will apply a $3.25 processing fee for all funds not transfered via Combined Public Communications, this includes money orders.

Commissary accounts can not be used for posting bond. Funds are immediately deposited into the inmate's account. We will not issue refunds if money is deposited to the wrong inmate's account, take special care when selecting inmates names and id numbers. Any funds deposited will be subject to the normal collections for debts owed to the White County Jail by the inmate.

To make an inmate deposit via internet, customers must register online and accept terms and conditions. An inmate deposit cannot be completed unless a profile has been established and the terms and conditions have been accepted. Service fees are applied for each transaction.
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Balance information is confidential. Corrections Officers are unable to disclose balance information.

Refunds will not be issued if money is deposited to the wrong inmate's account, take special care when selecting inmates names and id numbers.

Security regulations will not permit property other than items available via the inmate commissary system to be accepted. No personal property of any kind will be accepted by Corrections Officers.
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